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2014 - Welcome to the Corporate Training Center, Ltd.

Illinois state Food Service Sanitation Course Offerings
To meet the certification requirement, every business or establishment which serves food must complete the 15 hours of instruction from a licensed Sanitation instructor and then successfully pass the Illinois State Food Service Sanitation Exam. To help you meet this requirement, the Corporate Training Center is offering the Illinois State Food Service Sanitation Course in your area - the complete, 15 hours of instruction required to take the Illinois State Food Service Sanitation Exam.

CTC offers courses in Illinois State Food Service Sanitation as required by the Illinois State Department of Public Health Food Sanitation Code that will certify certification. For ESL Classes, please contact CTC at 1-800-705-8204, or email Tara Isenburg for more details. Click below to get more information, course listings, and register online!


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